I've decided that a good way for me to set some concrete goals in my guitar playing is to make youtube videos. I guess the peer-review process regulates most aspects of my life...

Bach: First Cello Suite (BWV 1007): Minuets I & II

Recorded September 2009

This video was my first foray into the universe of Youtube performance. I had had my eye on these lovely minuets for quite some time and finally got around to learning them. They are from Bach's famous first cello suite (I bet you would recognize the opening prelude).

Recording this showed me how hard it was to get a piece up to a performance level where I could play it well in a single take. This take is not perfect, but I am pleased with it as a Youtube debut. Watch closely for a cameo from Oskar!

More coming soon...

Hopefully someday

I'm working on several new pieces, but guitar time is very limited. A long-term goal is to build up about 30 minutes of Bach repertoire. But considering how long it took to get the first 3 minues, this may take a while.

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